Can I Use RSF for Amazon Replenishment?

Updated 2 months ago by Tony Runyan

Absolutely! If you have inventory at RSF that you would like to send to Amazon for FBA, we can support that. Here’s how that works:

  1. Create order in the RSF Operations Portal for everything you’d like to send and choose the shipping method you prefer. The shipping method for pallets will be LTL arranged by you or arranged by RSF. The shipping method for packages less than a pallet will most likely be Client Provided Label. 
  2. Place the order on hold. 
  3. Submit an “Amazon Replenishment” ticket in Team Support with the order number to notify the RSF Operations team. 
  4. The RSF team will prepare the order and respond to the ticket with the weight and dimensions of the shipment. 
  5. You will use this information to prepare the Amazon labels and once they are prepared will upload the labels into the TeamSupport ticket. 
  6. Depending upon the size of the shipment and your preference either you or RSF will need to set up the shipment by a carrier. 

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