Integrating your E-Commerce Cart with RSF's Warehouse Management System

Updated 2 months ago by Tony Runyan

In order to meet the ever changing needs of your customers, it’s important that their orders are sent to our system quickly and efficiently. There are a variety of ways to get your orders into our system:

  1. Direct Integration: The best way (and the way we recommend most) to get orders from your cart into our warehouse system is by coding an integration directly using our documented API. You can access that information here. If you are in need of a username and API Key for this method of integration, please contact your account manager.
  2. Shopify Plugin: In addition to our open API, we’ve also developed a plugin for integration directly with Shopify. This integration allows you to have all the benefits of the direct API integration by simply providing your account manager with an account that allows them to directly connect your Shopify cart with our Warehouse Management System.
  3. Middleware Provider: If you do not have access to development resources to code your own integration or you do not have a Shopify cart, we can also work with a middleware provider that will act as a bridge between systems. The benefits of this type of integration is in it’s ease of set up. With this in mind, these type of integrations also normally require that you pay a monthly fee for the integration. In addition, while options 1 and 2 synch orders and inventory in real-time, using a middleware provider will cause a delay in synching (15-30 minutes for orders and up to 2 hours for inventory and pushing tracking information back to close orders). See below for more information on middleware providers.
  4. Manual Entry: We know that integrating systems may not always be a solution. Because of this, our system is also set up to allow you to manually create orders (one by one or in bulk). You can read more about creating bulk orders (as well as other bulk actions) above.

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