Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

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Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

The Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program requires that at least 98% of shipping labels be purchased through the Amazon “Buy Shipping” functionality. To allow Red Stag Fulfillment to fulfill your Prime orders you must therefore allow our system to purchase labels on your behalf. To do this you will need to “authorize” our system through the Amazon Seller Central web interface by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Seller Central as the primary user. Sub-users do not have access to authorize third-party apps.
  2. From the “Settings” menu in the top-right corner of the page click “User Permissions”.
  3. On the User Permissions page under the section titled “Third party developer and apps” click “Visit Manage Your Apps”.
  4. On the “Manage your apps” page click “Authorize new developer”.
  5. Enter Red Stag Fulfillment as the “Developer Name” and 849609608142 as the “Developer ID”.
  6. Read the notice, check the box and click “Next” to proceed.
  7. Provide the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token on the next page to your account manager.

With this information Red Stag Fulfillment is ready to begin purchasing shipping lables for your orders using the Buy Shipping feature on your Amazon Seller account. To get the Prime badge on your Amazon listings you must still enroll in the Prime program and meet all of the requirements, but with Red Stag Fulfillment fulfilling your orders rapidly, accurately and dependably your chances of success have just increased dramatically!

Shipping on RSF's Carrier Account?

If you would like to ship these orders on RSF's carrier account (make sure you've communicated this with your Account Manager so you've received proper discount tables), please configure the following settings in Amazon:


  1. In Amazon Seller Central Go to Settings > Account Info
  2. Select “Buy Shipping Preferences”
  3. Select “Manage your carrier accounts”
  4. Click “Link account” under UPS  
  5. You will accept the terms and conditions
  6. Your account manager will provide you with the information required to input in the account information section.

Note: If you do not ship on RSF's carrier account you will be charged the Client Provided Shipping Fee as outlined in your FSSA

Configuration in RSF's Operations Portal

Your account manager will follow the following directions to get your Amazon Merchant Fulfillment account set up.

  1. In the Operations portal go to System > Shipping Accounts
  2. Click the Default Shipping Group
  3. Click "Add New Shipping Account"
  4. Select "Amazon MWS" as the carrier and fill out all the necessary information, including what was provided to you by the client and click "Save Shipping Account".
  5. Go to System > Configuration and select the Merchant.
  6. Click Shipping Methods and scroll down to the "Amazon MWS" section. Select the allowed methods and Shipping services. If the client is shipping on the RSF account, select UPS for all preferred services unless otherwise directed. If shipping on a client account, ask the client for their preference. In the Savings Threshold for Secondary Carrier blank, if the client is shipping on the RSF account, change the value to 100. Otherwise, ask the client for guidance on what they would like the value set to.

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